Hello, and welcome to Print Services Management’s official site.

We specialize in managing Maine custom print projects. If you have a custom print project in Maine that is not suitable for commodity printers and you want a professional to walk you through the project we’re an excellent choice. We’re affiliated with several printers in Maine and elsewhere making it easy for us to select the correct printer in Maine for your print project. Where else will you find an industry insider to select the correct Maine printer for you not only based on capability and price, but on how busy they are, and previous track record with similar projects.

If you’ve found your way here via the Internet here’s how doing business with us over the Internet works:

  1. Head on over to the Request a Quote page and fill in the details you know.
  2. Wait for us to contact you with pricing, or to request clarification on anything confusing.
  3. Select the option from the provided quotes which best suits your project and budget.
  4. Depending on the complexity  and urgency of the project a proof is usually provided for your evaluation.
  5. After you give the go ahead the project is printed and shipped to your destination(s) of choice.
  6. You pay the printer on a 30 day net billing cycle.
  7. The printer pays us what would normally have gone to an in-house sales representative.

If you’d like to learn more about who you’re doing business with please head right over to the Company History page.

With over tens years of experience servicing the business to business printers in Maine you’ll likely not find a better option than Print Services Management for all your custom print project needs.